Farmcare Uk offer in house worm egg counts
Feacal Egg Counts

A What ?
 A Faecal Egg Count test counts the number of eggs seen in a sample of your horses pooh. This result will give an indication as to the number of active egg laying parasites that your horse is carrying. It will also indicate the species of parasite too.

Why do we need to do a FEC ?
 Long gone are the days of giving a wormer chemical to your horse every 8-12 weeks. Over the years the species of parasites that our horses carry have developed resistant levels to our current chemicals. The efficacy of these chemicals needs to be prolonged by only giving chemicals when they have been proven to be required. The only way to prove requirement of a chemical is too test first. How? FEC.

What do I do now?
 Print out the PDF attachment further down the page and follow the instructions, it’s very simple and no special equipment is required.  Post your sample to us we will carry out the test for you.

How do I pay?
We take payment over the phone
Once we have the results we will contact you via email or phone.

Where medium or large worm burdens are found we prefer for one of our SQP's to contact you so they can ask questions about your current worming program and provide the relevant professional advise that you need.

After a consultation with one of our SQP's we are able to sell horse wormers if required. We are not able to sell wormers with out a consultation ( This is the law )

Please click on the links below to down load a PDF file

How to collect a sample

FEC Form

Costs :

1-3 sample £8.00
3 -10 samples £7.00
10 + samples £6.00