SALE: Gallagher S17 Solar Energiser - 7 Year Warranty - up to 1.7km

SALE: Gallagher S17 Solar Energiser - 7 Year Warranty - up to 1.7km

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Gallagher S17 Solar Energiser ON SALE - Limited Time Offer

This is a tough electric fence energiser, ideal for fences of up to 1.7 km, with low vegetation. The energiser is an all-in-one unit, with a solar panel that charges the battery, and a battery that powers the electric fence energiser.  The energiser comes with a 7 year guarantee and is one of the best selling solar energisers in the world!

The S17 is incredibly tough and designed to sit on the ground and weather all the elements. Simply make sure it is facing due South and put it in a sunny position.  In the darkest winter months you may need to give the battery an extra boost on the mains, but otherwise the energiser should run itself!

The energiser comes with a 6 volt rechargeable battery.  In time, you will need to replace the rechargeable battery, much like you replace the battery in your mobile phone.  You will also need to get a 1m earth stake to go with this energiser.

Solar energisers are becoming increasingly popular and we can see why. They are now extremely reliable, cost effective, environmentally friendly and very low maintenance.  You can't go wrong with a Gallagher solar energiser!





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