Heiniger Heiniger Handy Clipper

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Heiniger Handy Clippers

Specially designed for clipping horses and lightweight at only 1250gram approx.

Handy construction with a 240 volt powerful 120 watt motor .

Thanks to low noise and vibration suitable for clipping even the most sensitive or shy horse.

2yr Warranty

These clippers are designed to last and are very easy to service .

Comes complete with:

Single Blade : 1 x Medium blades carry case, oil , brush

Extra Blade Offer: 1x Medium blades 1 x fine blade  carry case, oil , brush

Made in Switzerland

Full 24 months warranty.

Medium blades fitted top 15 teeth bottom 31 teeth

Additional medium and  fine blades available here

Please click on the link below to down load the Instructions
Heiniger Handy Clipper

We Say : This clipper has been around for over 20 years and is very reliable for a simple medium duty clipper they still do not come any better.

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