Chicken Guard Standard Opener

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Standard Pop Door Opener
AS mk3

Cant always get home in the light to put the birds to bed ....( especially in winter )
Don’t want to be tied to a set time to let the birds out ....
Chickens becoming a chore ......

Let the Chicken Guard take some of the strain

Easy to Install and Calibrate
Up to 1.5kg door
Long Battery Life (1 years)
Electronics Guaranteed for 2years

All in one control and motor.

The Chicken Guard Standard door opener is triggered by light levels so in the morning it opens the door and in the evening the door comes back down again. The advantage of this is it works with nature and the longer or shorter days that the different seasons bring. This gets past the problems with a timer based system is that it needs reprogramming a number of times a year.

The door can be overridden as required so you can open and close the door as you need to . 
Example :
You put the birds to bed early and then override the door so it is closed. The door will not open till the sun comes up the following morning.

The AS is easy to set up with a LCD screen to guide you and can even solve a number of basic set up errors.

Upgrade option :

Should in the future you find the need to use a timer to control the door the AS mk3 can be upgraded........
A simple software upgrade will allow the timer function to be used.

The control system is full IC controlled so there are not any magnets or switches to accurately locate.

With in a few presses of the buttons the door is fully calibrated and you can let the control box take over...... Easy

Maximum door weight is 1.5kg

The unit requires  4 x AA batteries to power it.
Always use  good quality alkaline batteries

Chicken Guard Standard AS SERIES

Comes with :

Control box with integrated motor

Available separately

60cm Wooden Runners
Aluminium door



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