AS20 Solar Energiser

AS20 Solar Energiser

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Trapper AS20 Solar Energiser

All built in to one easy to use box.

Maintenance Free

  • 0.18 Joules stored energy. 
  • Powers up to 2 km of multi-wire fencing. 
  • Comes with mains adapter for winter battery top ups
  • Solar power operation is ideal for remote locations or permanent installation on small farms.
  • Economical with rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days, for reliable performance.
  • Energizer and solar panel are fully modular
  • 12v 7ah  rechargeable battery included.
  • Mounts on top of a T-Post ( earth stake )
  • Uses any type of fence wire, including Polywire, Polytape and Polyrope. 
  • Indicator light flashes with each fence pulse and tells you at a glance that the Energizer is working.
  • High impact and UV resistant plastic case for maximum durability.
  • Weatherproof, non-rusting, insect-proof case for outdoor use.
  • Ideal for temporary fencing, for gardens and pets.
  • Compact and portable.

No separate battery or solar panel to connect. Just place on the ground and push in your earth stake . Connect to the fence and switch on.......

For short ish fences where a heavy 12v batteries are not practical this is a dream .

Specifications AS 20 :

Stored Joules 0.18

Maximum Output Joules 0.12

Maximum voltage 7500v

Voltage 500 ohm 2500v

Solar Panel 2 W

Battery 12v 7ah

AS 20 Comes with :

7Ah 12v gel battery built in

1 meter T earth stake ( energier as is mounted on this )

Live wire connection to the fence

Earth wire connection to T stake

240v Mains Adapter to top up the battery if required in winter 

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