Camouflage Energiser - hidden energiser

Camouflage Energiser - hidden energiser

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If you want a powerful 12V energiser, that's going to blend in - this could be the one for you!  A sensible camouflage design is not all this energiser has to offer.  With a 4.8J input and a 2.8J output this energiser can power fences up to 70 km long in perfect conditions and 6km long with high vegetation.  You can add a solar panel if you don't want to worry about charging your battery.


Made in Germany, this energiser comes with a 3 year warranty.

Introductory SALE price: £149.99

(Usually £179.99)


What we say: Camouflage is such a sensible idea, we wonder why all energisers don't come this way!  A good output, well enegeered and a very good price for the size of the energiser.  What's not to like?

12v battery and 3 x 1m earth stakes required.

Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Solar panel to charge your battery.  No more lugging heavy batteries in to recharge!

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