Equine Starter Kit 3ft posts

Equine Starter Kit 3ft posts

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Equine Starter Kit
3ft Posts

Comes complete and ready to use

The Equine Electric Fence Starter Kit is a simple, easy to use, complete kit. You have everything you need included in the kit to run a 100 meter double lined fence for up to 3 months (or 9 months with the upgraded battery). Ideal for strip fencing or dividing up fields to stop ponies getting too fat.

Because the B1 energiser uses sealed 9V batteries (nothing nasty to leak out if they are mistreated) this kit is also great for using at shows or overnight events. 

The number one benefit with this electric fencing kit is convenience. You can make a note in your diary for 3 months (or nine months if you upgrade your battery) forward and you do not need to worry about  batteries running out or have to lug in heavy batteries for recharging.  When your 3 month battery runs out, a replacement 3 month battery is £14.99.


Equine Starter Electric Fence Kit comes with:

9 Volt Energiser

1x equiSTOP Energiser

  • 1x 55Ah battery so it is ready to work (this battery will last for approx 3 months)

  • Self contained sitting on its own earth stake

  • Built in handle

  • Designed for fencing horses

  • Battery can be upgraded to the 150Ah battery to give nearly one year constant running

  • Powers up to 3 km of fence

  • 2 Year Warranty

  • Made in Germany

Please note the 9volt batteries are not rechargeable.
Instructions for the Equistop B1 can be down loaded here

B1 Energiser Instructions

Guide to set up a B1 Energiser
Comes with a single 200 metre roll of 20mm horse white or green electric fence tape. This tape is made in the UK and is of excellent quality.

Comes with 20 standard white or green poly posts 104cm (3ft)
To add extra posts to a kit please add them from the links below

3ft posts in White
3ft posts in Green

Comes with
1 x gate handle
4 x ring insulators. These are for finishing off the fence to a tree or fence post.
1 x warning sign


Change to a 9 month battery (150Ah)

The Green Option

If you select Kit Colour GREEN we will change the posts and the tape to GREEN - all the rest of the Kit will remain the same.

If you do not see what you require here please contact us and we can put together a kit to suit you .

We Say:

The big advantage of this kit is that the EquiStop B1 is light even with a 150aH battery in it. If you do not fancy recharging and carrying heavy 12V batteries about this is the kit for you.


This kit has everything you need to set up an electric fence.  You may also wish to add an electric fence tester for trouble shooting and a tape-to-tape connector so you can easily make BOTH lines of tape live.

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