Heiniger Saphir

Heiniger Saphir

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Brand:  Heiniger
¥ High quality, precision Swiss engineering.
¥ Lightweight and perfectly balanced in the hand.
¥ Quiet and powerful 35W permanent magnet motor. 
¥ High performance battery with the latest lithium ionic technology. 
¥ More than 50 minutes clipping per charge but less than 45 minutes charging time. 
¥ Supplied with a spare battery for continuous clipping. 
¥ Solid, durable charger unit with a separate charger bay for the spare battery pack. 
¥ Detachable blade system. Compatible with most A5¨ type blades. 
¥ Wide range of Heiniger blades available.

This brand new clipper is primarily aimed at the showing ,veterinary , dog grooming market. It takes all snap-on blades like Oster, Andis and Wahl. Supplied with 2 batteries, each battery will clip for 45-60 minutes and recharges in 30 - 40 minutes. In field trials with this clipper, operators have said that this is the most powerful clipper of itÕs type. It is top quality as you would expect from Heiniger

Comes with :
No Blade

Clipper , Charger , TWO batteries , Case

With no.10 blade
Clipper , Charger , TWO batteries , Case, N0. 10 blade

With No.40 blade
Clipper , Charger , TWO batteries , Case, No. 40 blade

We Say :
A local customer of ours had a set of these start of the clipping season This customer clips a lot of horses for both showing and to sell. Six weeks later and they are now her main set of clippers, full body clips , trace  etc etc.
The main points she made were , light to hold,   plenty of power and the two batteries really do give continues clipping. Oh yes and it gives a good finish.


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