Horizont Cordless Clipper - made by Lister

Horizont Cordless Clipper - made by Lister

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Lister Fine Clipper Blades A2F - leaves 1.4mm of hairLister Fine Clipper Blades A2F - leaves 1.4mm of hair
Lister Medium Clipper Blades A2 - leaves 2.5mm hairLister Medium Clipper Blades A2 - leaves 2.5mm hair
Clipper SuitClipper Suit
Lister R15 Clipper OilLister R15 Clipper Oil

This is a limited opportunity to buy a world-class horse clipper at an amazing price.  This cordless clipper is made in the Lister factory, here in the UK. It is, in fact, the identical clipper, made from the same materials in the same place, with the same blades and the same battery as the Lister cordless clipper, Popular Pack. The only difference is the colour (the Lister branded clipper is purple) and the brand name on the clipper - although you will also see the Lister Shearing Equipment LTD name on this clipper too!  These clippers were made to be distributed under the German brand Horizont, but due to stock changes, we now have the opportunity to sell this top clipper at an amazing price.  Once these clippers are gone, we won't be getting any more in as the manufacturer has decided to stick with the Lister name in the UK.

These are not 'knock off' clippers. They are the real deal, just with a different brand name.

This cordless clipper is ideal for horses and cattle.  It can handle any horse hair and is comfortable to hold.  It is more powerful than the Lister Star but slightly less powerful than the Lister Laser 2.  

* Slim light weight handle
* Powerful and tough clipper that can cope with the needs of the most demanding user
* Safe 12 volt operation for peace of mind
* Simple easy to set up and use

Weight: Clipper (Excluding Cable) with blades attached 0.8 kg
Power pack Weight (Excluding Belt) 0.8 kg

With 3 possible power sources this clipper has maximum flexibility.  If you wish to make it into a mains clipper, add the Lister Liberty Mains adapter.  If you wish to clip from a 12 volt battery, add the the Lister Liberty Vehicle Leads.  The Lister Libretto trimmer will also run from the battery powerpack that comes with this horse clipper.

This clipper takes all the Lister blades, including the very popular Covercote blade.  

Power Pack: Uses new technology Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Power pack. No memory effect when charging can be topped up with charge or fully discharged.
Battery will give up to 3 hours clipping.
Recharge time from empty 13 hours.

Popular Pack includes: Clipper, One set of Blades, Power Pack and Charger.  This is the Cordless Clipper Option.

Please see Lister Liberty Mains and Liberty Deluxe Pack for other Liberty options.


Specifications :

Weight 800g (inc Blades)
Length 215mm
Grip Diameter
Blade Speed 2500rpm
Voltage 12v
Working Current 1.8A
Rated Current 4A (max)

If you have any questions about this clipper, please do not hesitate to give us a call: 01323 406212

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