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OPTIMA Power Rope - White

OPTIMA Power Rope - White

Product Code:  F-CT100029
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Brand:  optima



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Rope ConnectorsRope Connectors
Rope Connector Stainless SteelRope Connector Stainless Steel
Hart to Hart Connector - make both fence lines liveHart to Hart Connector - make both fence lines live
Multi Level Electric Fence Tester - test your fence is workingMulti Level Electric Fence Tester - test your fence is working
Premium Quality - Extra Long Life
200 meters

5 Year Anti UV Warranty


This is an exceptionally high grade rope made from polyethylene, this means the manufacturer gives a 5yr anti UV warranty.
Additionally this rope has 6 conductors at 0.3mm made from stainless steel. This gives a very high level of conductivity to ensure the electric fence does its job.

Made in the UK.

We Say:
No gimmicks, the Optima range just uses high quality plastics and thick stainless steel. This gives the product exceptional life and performance. The down side is it does cost a little more.

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