Solar Sportz Light - Outdoor lighting for arenas, yards and fields.

Solar Sportz Light - Outdoor lighting for arenas, yards and fields.

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NEW Solar Sportz Light  - On Sale

Ideal outdoor lighting for arenas, yards and fields.

  • Amazing light coverage for outdoor spaces - make your evenings longer and your property safer
  • Easy to install (no need for an electrician)
  • No running cost (solar powered)
  • Very reliable, even during the winter
  • 1 year guarantee


The Solar Sportz Light is an innovative, practical and proven reliable solar powered light, that is easily attached to walls, fences or poles, in just a few minutes.  Each fully weather-proof light can illuminate an area of 200sqm (at 1000 lumens), with a forward light spread of 20 metres (when installed at 4m high).  6 lights can light up a 5-a-side sports pitch, or a 40m x 20m riding menage, providing enough light to continue your activity into the night.  You can control the brightness of the light, and it can be set on a timer, set to come on when it is dark and set to come on when motion is detected.  This gives you ultimate control of the light, extending your time outside and giving you extra security throughout the night.  The light can deliver 1000 lumens for up to 6 hours every 24 hours, with zero running cost.

The lights have an internal rechargeable battery that is charged by the integral solar panel on top of the lights (no extra solar panel to worry about).  This means that there is no need for wires or mains electricity.  

The lights are very easy to install.  All light fixings are supplied.  Simply mount them on a wall, on a fence or on a standard scaffolding pole (not supplied).  Installation is quick and easy - just a matter of a few bolts and screws.  Scaffolding poles can be obtained from any local builders merchant and are installed about 1m into the ground and set in quick dry concrete or attached to a fence, as required.  The lights give the best light spread if mounted between 3 and 4m high.

Timed Setting:  The Sportz Light is turned on for 1 or 2 hours at a time. Further 1 or 2 hours can be activated as required, up to approximately 6 hours every 24 hours. 

Security and Movement Activated Setting:  Passive illumination is set at a low lighting level of 50 lumen.  When movement is detected, the light level increases to 500 lumen for 30 seconds or until the movement stops, and then reverts to 50 lumen.

Remote Control:  If you want to change the lighting level, or turn your light on or off at any time, just use your remote control.

Each light comes with everything you need, to attach it to your pole/wall of choice:

  • 1 x Solar Sportz Light
  • 1 x rechargeable battery
  • All fixings and U-bolt
  • 1 x remote control (requires 2 x AAA batteries - not included)

Light all of your outdoor area, over time, or take advantage of our bundle discounts:

1 light:  £199.00

2 lights:  £372.99

Pack of 6 lights:  £999.00 

Pack of 12 lights:  £1899.00 

Ideal for all outdoor use, including paddocks, yards, riding menages, fields, sports pitches, schools, parks and car parks.  


Our thoughts:  These lights are practical, affordable, reliable and incredibly effective.  Installation is very simple and the extended evenings it gives you are a game changer.  The remote control is a nice touch, and makes it easy to manage the lights for anyone who comes to your yard.  We love the fact that good outdoor lighting is now readily available to everyone!


Jeff Day:  Couldn't be happier.  Purchased these lights for my field and installed them myself with no problems.  Very reliable and a good amount of light.  January 2018

Mrs L Mitchell:  We bought the pack of 6 Sports Lights for our school as they were the best price we could find after months of research. They arrived the next day.  All six lights were fitted in a morning, and used that night and every night since.  We can now fit extra lessons into the evening schedule thanks to our lights.  

Luke Wight:  Installed these lights to help with security and to make the girls feel safer late at night.  Worked a treat.  February 2017

Lita:  Have used these lights to extend our evenings.  So much cheaper than installing electrical lighting.  October 2017


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help. Tel: 01323 406212

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