Three Reel - 500m - Sheep Kit

Three Reel - 500m - Sheep Kit

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Three Reel Sheep Electric Fencing Kit - 500m


  • Three Live Stock Reels
  • Galvanised steel mounting post + reel mounts
  • AN12 12v / 240v  energiser
  • Three x 500m Heavy Duty Twine  (6 conductors)
  • 50 x Three foot plastic posts (white)
  • Four steel pig tail corner / end posts with 12 pig tail insulators
  • Warning Sign

The three reel sheep kit makes it easy to divide fields or to protect weak boundary fences / hedges.
By using reels the fence is fast to erect and to move as required. Plus you can make the fence to the size you require. 

The four steel posts are used in the corners and significatly strengthen the fence.

The AN12 electric fencing energiser requires a 12v leisure battery add one here or it can also run from the Mains.


Upgrade to the geared reel system. These reels give much faster reel speed with one handle turn giving three turns of the drum.

If you want to make this kit solar add a 10w solar panel here


Diagram of reel to illustrate assembly


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