Trailer Cam 5D Kit

Trailer Cam 5D Kit

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Trailer Cam 5D  Kit

Wireless and interference free solution especially developed for stress free horse transport.
Complete package for easy and hassle free installation.

Robust and wireless wide-angle camera enables overview in all types of horse transports and in all types of light conditions.
Unique transmission technology guarantees a sturdy picture free from interference.

Complete package, easy to install and easy to use.

Safety for both you and your horse!

We Say:

Realy easy to set up and once it is wired in to the trailer there are no batteries to go flat in the camera.

The system can also take up to four cameras , Great if you have  a big horse lorry.

We think this is one of the big plus points of the trailer cam 5D is you can add an extra camera and use it as a reversing camera on the rear of the trailer. Plus you can set the reversing camera in mirror mode to make life a bit easier.
The cameras are IP66 so they are fine with rain, road spray and can even be jet washed .

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