12v Poultry Net Kit for 25m or 50m enclosures

12v Poultry Net Kit for 25m or 50m enclosures

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Electric Fencing Poultry Net Kit


This kit is designed to protect your chickens. The net is tall enough to keep out virtually all predators especially when combined with a high power electric fencing energiser so unwanted visitors will go elsewhere to hunt.
The kit is very easy to move so your poultry can be on fresh ground easily and with minimum fuss. We do advise new poultry owners to read our instructions to ensure the errection of the fence is as easy as possible.


Included :
1x 25 meters or 50 meters Poultry Net (Close Mesh)
Repair kit + warning sign

1 x Trapper AN8 12v High Power Electric Fencing Energiser
+  galvanized earth stake

Poultry Net Green

  • 50 or 25 meters
  • 12 Power lines
  • 15 Posts / 9 Posts
  • 105 cm high

Ideal for free range Poultry extra close mesh construction
Easy to use and to move poultry netting

Poultry netting, easy to use and to move. Provides excellent protection for your birds and stops them wandering off.

Effective against foxes, dogs, mink etc



  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in Germany
  • can run from 12 volt battery or mains (adapters all included)
  • Powerful 0.8 Joules (stored)
  • Well suited to longer fences
  • Can power up to three poultry nets
  • The AN8 is fully rain proof and is designed to live outside in the English weather.
  • Comes with a galvanised earth stake which also acts as a stand
  • Light flashes to tell you it is working

What else do I need ?

All you require is a 12v car / leisure battery to power the energiser.  You may also wish to add a solar panel to charge your 12 volt battery.

Please select below the length of net you require

Instructions for setting up a Poultry net can be downloaded here :
 Poultry Net Instructions 0.56Mb PDF

A fence tester may also be useful for trouble shooting.

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