3:1 Reel System

3:1 Reel System

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This is a compete 3:1 reel system

Comes with:

3 x O Brein 3:1 reels

1 x mounting posts ( for 3 reels )

3 x Reel mounts

Optional support bracket to help brace the reel post

Ideal for use with sheep or cattle

The OBRIEN turbo roller reel is designed to take the effort and time out of moving a portable fence line.

The geared ratio of 3:1 means that for every turn of the handle the drum has rotated three times.

The drum can hold :
Typically 1000m of twine* ( 1500m of eco twine )
Typically 500m of 20mm tape*
Typically 200m of 40mm tape*

*Please note this is an approximate number.

The roller has a drum lock , and a line guide to stop twine or wire skipping over the side and jamming the roller.

Please note this reel is made in New Zealand and is very high quality. It has a metal frame and the gearing is internal to reduce the chance of dirt or grit getting in the cogs.

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