Hotline MB60 12V Energiser - Small Fence

Hotline MB60 12V Energiser - Small Fence

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The MB60 12 Volt Electric Fence Energiser

This energiser is ideal for strip grazing. Simply push it into the ground, attach it to your battery and you're away!  Technically you should add an extra earth stake, but in the UK the stand this energiser comes with is usually perfectly adequate.  There is a light on the front that flashes as the energiser pulses, to let you know it is working.


This energiser can power up to 4 KM of multi-wire fencing.  It is made here in the UK and comes with a 3 year warranty.  


We Say: A lovely simple energiser that is very very easy to use. Perfect for strip grazing and at a good price.

MB60 Manual:  /user/MB60 inst - pkg510.pdf


Consider adding:

  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Solar panel to charge your battery.  No more lugging heavy batteries in to recharge!
  • Fence tester - for trouble shooting

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