Gallagher Mains Energiser M950

Gallagher Mains Energiser M950

Product Code:  F-CE200061
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Price:  £349.99 (£291.66 Exc. VAT)
Brand:  Gallagher



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- High power at a lower prices.

- Robust and Reliable. Made to last with tough outer casing.

- Built in lightning diverter and the latest internal circuitry - Fully compliant with the latest industry standards to guarantee safety and reliability.

- Simple “Plug and Play” installation

- Adaptive power control     

- Superior reliability backed up with a 7 year warranty

Output voltage (V)                  7700

Voltage with 500 Ohm (V)         7700

Voltage with 100 Ohm load (V)   3800

Stored energy (Joules)              9

Output energy (Joules)              3.9

Without growth (km)                 30

Slight growth (km)                    12


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