Premium Mobile Foal Birth Alarm - Multiple Alarms Package

Premium Mobile Foal Birth Alarm - Multiple Alarms Package

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This system is for people with multiple mares likely to go into labour.

It is like the Foal Birth Alarm Premium, but has a very slightly different technology that allows you to use just one SIM card to maintain contact and monitor all your pregnant mares.  This Premium system constantly monitors the quality of the transmitter and sends SMS notifications on the battery level, number of contractions, settings and network coverage.  The premium alarm also has the ability to detect when a mare is simply lying down to sleep, which stops the alarm going off unnecessarily.

It can be attached to the halter or to the anti-roll girth (not included).  It can be used inside and outside and is very easy to install and operate.

The alarm works by detecting a unique movement that happens at the start of contractions.  It is a non invasive alarm, which you can install and operate yourself.

The alarm is highly reliable and has been trusted by professionals for many years.  


This set comes with 2 transmitters, so you can monitor 2 mares.  You can add transmitters as required, should you have more mares that need monitoring.



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