Lister Liberty Lithium Cordless Horse Clipper - with FREE Lister Towel
 Lister Liberty Lithium Cordless Horse Clipper - with FREE Lister TowelLister Liberty Lithium Cordless Horse Clipper - with FREE Lister Towel 

Lister Liberty Lithium Cordless Horse Clipper - with FREE Lister Towel

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Lister Lithium Cordless Horse Clipper with FREE Lister Towel


(please not that this bag may be in blue and pink, or in dark blue and red.  Lister changes the colour from time to time and we have no control over which colour you may receive.  Both bags are lovely!)

The Lister Liberty horse clipper has long been the most popular Lister clipper.  It is great for professionals and happy hackers and can handle all horse hair.  It is comfortable to hold and has low vibrations.  The handpiece measures 21 cm from the tip of the blades to the base of the clipper and the grip point circumference is 16 cm.  It weighs 0.89 kg without blades.  The Liberty is a medium duty clipper and is easy to tension and easy to clip with.

The Liberty has no air filters to clean and has a sealed unit.  This means there is less opportunity for damage.  Lister hold the Royal Warrant and all clippers are made here in the UK, with parts readily available.

The Liberty is available as a Cordless clipper, as a Mains clipper and can also run from a 12 Volt battery with the correct leads.  

The Liberty can be used for horses (full or partial clips), for clipping cattle along their backs and tails and, if you use the Wizard blade, it can be used to dag up to 15 sheep.

The Liberty takes the full range of high quality Lister blades, including the popular Covercote blade that leaves 5mm of hair (unique to Lister) and the Wizard Sheep Shearing blade.  It comes with a choice of blade.  The Fine blade is standard, but you can select the Medium blade, Coarse blade or the popular Covercote blade (clips to 5mm).   Or you can select 2 blades - it's always good to have a spare blade in case your blade goes blunt mid clip!

Lithium Battery

Lister have now released a lithium version of the Liberty clipper, with a more powerful and more modern lithium battery pack.  This battery pack is an improvement on the old battery pack because:

- it is more efficient and more powerful, making the clipper run faster

- 2.5 hours clipping time

- it recharges in 4 hours 

- its has an LED light to let you know when the battery is getting low

- the battery slows down when it is close to depleted and stops with 10% battery life still left.  This protects your battery (batteries should never be allowed to run completely flat).

- the connection between the clipper and the battery is stronger


The Lister Liberty Lithium Cordless Clipper comes with:

  • Lister Lithium clipper
  • One set of blades.  The A2F blade clips to 1.4mm of length and is the standard blade that comes with all Lister clippers.  Or, you can select the Medium blades (clips to 2.4mm) of the Coarse blades (clips to 2.4mm but has less teeth and is used for tougher coats).  We also offer the popular Covercote blade, if preferred, that clips to 5mm and is popular for those showing their horses.  There is also an option to have 2 sets of blades, which is always a good idea in case your blade goes blunt mid clip - never a good look!
  • Lithium battery
  • Battery charger with British 3-pin plug and adapters for all major European and U.S.A plug types
  • 60ml oil
  • Lister hold-all in pink and blue or dark blue and red.  Please note, we have no control over the bag colour and you may receive either colour. This is a fantastic bag, which can be used for your clipping gear, or can also hold a riding hat (a green version of the hold-all will launch later in the year).
  • Clipping tools tray
  • Clipper brush and screwdriver
  • Grease sachet


The Liberty Lithium will NOT work with the old Liberty battery or the old Liberty Mains adapter.



We Say:  Lister have been developing and testing this battery for a number of years and we are very excited by the result.  The lithium battery is definitely an improvement.  It is no smaller than the old battery, but the power, recharge time, warning lights and stronger cable connection make it a welcome improvement.  


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  We are always happy to help. 

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