A4 12v energiser - high voltage - burns weeds - up 10km

A4 12v energiser - high voltage - burns weeds - up 10km

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A4 - High Power 12v Electric Fencing Energiser

This is a high power 12 Volt battery fencer for long fences with vegetation problems.

Ideal for  Sheep, cattle  and other problem animals.
Also very effective for rabbit nets and long runs of sheep or poultry nets.

The big advantage of the A4 is that it will actually burn weeds off the fence line and so keep the fence working efficiently.
The A4 does consume a of of power so it may be necessary recharge the 12v batteries very reguarly (or gang two batteries together to double the duration)

The A4 electric fencing energiser does require a minimum of 1 x 1 meter earth stake in winter and ideally 2 x 1 meter earth stakes in summer

The Specifications are as follows:-

Stored energy-3.8 Joules

Fence Voltage Max-8000V

Fence Voltage At 500Ohms-4000V

Current Consumption-350mA  (8.4 amps per 24 hour period)

Max Fence Length-

No Load: 20KM

Light Load: 10KM

Heavy Load: 5KM

Copy of instructions for the A4

 A4  850 Kb PDF

We Say :

No bells or whistles this is a simple high power 12v energier that is sensibly priced. Just remember as with all high power 12v units it will need its batteries changing very regularly.

Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Solar panel to charge your battery.  No more lugging heavy batteries in to recharge!

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