AS 35 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 4km

AS 35 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 4km

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AS35 Solar Electric Fence Kit
Tall Posts - everything you need to get you started

1 x AS35 solar electric fencing energiser
The AS35 solar energiser comes complete with a battery and is exceptionally easy to use.  It is environmentally friendly, and saves having to lug heavy 12 volt batteries in for recharging.

  • 0.33 Joules stored energy.
  • Powers up to 4km of multi-wire fencing.
  • With energy saving night mode/random mode.
  • Solar power operation is ideal for remote locations or permanent installation on small farms.
  • Economical with rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days, for reliable performance.
  • Made in Germany.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

AS35 Comes with:

Solar Panel 5 W

7Ah 12v gel battery built in

1 meter T earth stake (energier as is mounted on this)

Live wire connection to the fence

Earth wire connection to T stake

240v Mains Adapter to top up the battery if required in winter 

Tape or Rope
Comes with a 200 meter roll of 20mm white tape
Comes with a 200 meter roll of 6mm electric fencing rope

Comes with 20 standard white / green poly posts 4ft posts
Upgrade: to add extra posts to a kit please add them as a separate item.

Comes with
2 x gate handle
4 x ring insulators These are for finishing off the fence to a tree or fence post.
1 x warning sign

The Green Option:
If you select Kit Color GREEN we will change the posts to GREEN and also change the tape / rope to GREEN all the rest of the Kit will remain the same.

This kit has everything you need to set up a double strand 100 metre fence.  You may wish to consider adding:

  • a fence tester - for trouble shooting and to let you know how much power is on your fence
  • a tape-to-tape connector or a hart-to-Hart connector - to easily make both lines of your fence 'live' (the energiser only connctts to one line of fencing)
  • tape or rope connectors - please don't tie knots in your tape or rope because it will weaken the fence.
  • extra tape or posts if you need a longer fence

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help.

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