HotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 5km
HotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 5kmHotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 5kmHotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 5km

HotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Fencing Kit Tall Posts - up to 5km

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HotLine FireDrake 67 Solar Electric Fence Kit - up to 5km - with TALL posts - everything you need to get you started


This kit is probably the easiest electric fencing kit on the market.  Not only is it easy to set up, but because it is solar powered it is easy to run (no more lugging heavy 12 volt batteries for recharging), easy to move (no wires) and it doesn't cost anything to run!

The kit includes all the basics you need for a solid 100m 2 line fence.  Any 'extras' you may wish to add are listed at the end of the description of the kit.  If I had a horse, this is the kit I would choose!


Kit includes:

  • 1 x Hotline FireDrake 67 solar energiser (with a 5 year warranty - made in the UK)
  • 1 x T-earth stake/post
  • 1 x roll of 200m of tape or rope (in green or white)
  • 20 x TALL 4ft posts (in green or white)
  • 1 x gate handle, for easy entry into fence
  • 4 x ring insulators, for attaching to any trees or posts
  • 1 x warning sign

Here are some more details about the individual items:

1 x Hotline FireDrake 67

This energiser has:

  • a handle for easy carrying
  • an on-off switch, a light that flashes with every pulse of the energiser so that you know it is working
  • a low battery/pulse indicator
  • the ability to adjust it with high and low settings
  • mains adaptor for top up charges
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Made in the UK

Technical Specs:

  • Stored energy - 0.65 Joules
  • Output energy - 0.5 Joules
  • Fence voltage max - 9,100v
  • Fence voltage at 500ohms - 3,900v
  • 10w solar panel
  • 12v 12Ah internal battery
  • Suitable for 1-2 poultry or sheep electric nets


Tape or Rope
Comes with a 200 meter roll of 20mm white tape
Comes with a 200 meter roll of 6mm electric fencing rope

Comes with 20 standard white / green polyposts 104cm (3ft)
To add extra posts to a kit please add them as a separate item

Comes with:
1 x gate handle
4 x ring insulators. These are for finishing off the fence to a tree or fence post.
1 x warning sign

Kit options:  You can select tape or rope, in green or white.  The fence posts will match the colour of the tape or rope.

This kit has everything you need to set up a double strand 100 metre fence.  You may wish to consider adding the following 'extras':

  • a fence tester - for trouble shooting and to let you know how much power is on your fence
  • a tape-to-tape connector or a hart-to-Hart connector - to easily make both lines of your fence 'live' (the energiser only connects to one line of fencing)
  • tape or rope connectors - please don't tie knots in your tape or rope because it will weaken the fence.
  • extra tape or posts if you need a longer fence

This kit is also available with smaller 3ft posts, and with a lower power and less expensive version of the popular Hotline FireDrake solar energiser.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.  We are always happy to help.  Please email

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