AS35 Solar Electric Fence Energiser - up to 4km - with FREE Earth Stake Stand

AS35 Solar Electric Fence Energiser - up to 4km - with FREE Earth Stake Stand

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Trapper AS 35 Solar Energiser

With FREE T-Earth Stake Stand

All built in to one easy to use box.

Maintenance Free

  • 0.33 Joules stored energy. 
  • Powers up to 4 km of multi-wire fencing. 
  • Comes with mains adaptor for winter battery top ups
  • Solar power operation is ideal for remote locations or permanent installation on small farms.
  • Economical with rechargeable battery.
  • Built-in solar panel charges battery, even on cloudy days, for reliable performance.
  • Energizer and solar panel are fully modular
  • 12v 7ah  rechargeable battery included.
  • Mounts on top of a T-Post ( earth stake ) included FREE
  • Uses any type of fence wire, including Polywire, Polytape and Polyrope. 
  • Indicator light flashes with each fence pulse and tells you at a glance that the Energizer is working.
  • High impact and UV resistant plastic case for maximum durability.
  • Weatherproof, non-rusting, insect-proof case for outdoor use.
  • Ideal for temporary fencing, for gardens and pets.
  • Compact and portable.

The AS35 is great for medium length fences, up to 4km. It comes with a 2 year warranty and is of excellent quality - made in Germany. There is no separate battery or solar panel to connect. Just place on the ground and push in your earth stake . Connect to the fence and switch on....... The AS35 is very easy to use.  If you have a larger fence (remember, it always better to have more power than you need on your electric fence) or very cheeky animals who need a strong shock, you may wish to consider the next size up - the AS70.

Solar energisers are very reliable in the UK and will run your fence for 3 seasons of the year with no trouble.  During the darkest winter months, you will need to give your energiser a few boosts from the mains (adapter for the mains included).  Solar energisers have rechargeable batteries inside.  Your energiser will outlive the battery, so eventually you will need to change your battery (much like with a mobile phone).  Replacement batteries cost approx. £34.

The AS35 comes with all the leads to connect to a fence, plus a FREE 1 meter earth stake that can also act as a mount (the energiser sits very neatly on top).

For fences where a heavy 12v batteries are not practical this is a dream .

Specifications AS35 :

Stored Joules 0.33

Maximum Output Joules 0.24

Maximum voltage 9000v

Voltage 500 ohm 3100v

Solar Panel 5 W

Battery 12v 7ah


AS35 Comes with :

1 meter T earth stake ( energiser as is mounted on this )

Live wire connection to the fence

Earth wire connection to T stake

240v Mains Adaptor to top up the battery if required in winter 


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