Avalon Cordless Clipper

Avalon Cordless Clipper

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A popular cordless clipper that is tried and tested.

High power battery pack gives 2.5 hrs clipping time away from the mains, 3hrs recharge means you can clip in the morning and the afternoon.

The clipper comes with a belt and pouch system that leaves your hands free and your clipper safe when you are not using the clipper but have to handle the horse quickly .

The 80watt DC motor is powerful enough to do a full body clip and yet runs cool and is very easy to handle.

The Avalon comes with a Moser Steel blade .

A quick release blade system means they are easy to change and the tension is pre-set so no need to adjust. Plus a wide selection of blades means that you can get the right blades for the job you need to do.

Where mains power is not available this is a excellent set of clippers for the single horse private owner

WAHL give a 2yr warranty from date of purchase

Technical data :

Motor : 80 Watt

Battery pack : 15 cells NiMH 2.5hrs clipping time

Cutting Length : 2.3 mm

Blade speed 3000rpm

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