7 Year Guarantee
Gallagher B80 MultiPower - up to 7km - 7 year warranty

Gallagher B80 MultiPower - up to 7km - 7 year warranty

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Gallagher B80 MultiPower 12v Energizer


The Gallagher B80 energiser is very user friendly and easy to operate.  Lights show you when your battery is running low, and also flash as the energiser pulses.  If you register your purchase with Gallagher, you get a 7 year warranty!

- The energiser is usually run from a 12 volt battery (not included)

- This energizer will power 7 km of multi-strand fencing under perfect conditions, and 3 km low to average vegetation.

- 7 year warranty (but remember to register warranty with Gallagher!)

- Lights to indicate low battery - which gives you peace of mind!

- A mains adaptor can be added to this energiser, should you ever wish to run it from the mains (sold separately)


If you're worried about lugging your 12V battery in for recharging, have you considered using a solar panel to charge your battery?  



Note:  This energizer does not come with an earth stake.  Gallagher recommend two x 1 m earth stakes with this energizer.


What we say:  A good quality energiser from Gallagher.  You spend a few more pounds on Gallagher energizers, but the 7 year guarantee gives you peace of mind.





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