Lister Liberty Mains Horse Clipper

2 April 2017  |  Admin

Lister Liberty Mains – best value!


Unbeatable Value!

The Lister Liberty Mains horse clipper is fantastic value.  At only £235.00 you get a leading brand clipper that is powerful enough to manage most horses, and comfortable to hold even for those with small hands.  It is possible to get the Liberty horse clipper with a battery pack, or with leads to go on a 12v battery, and these can be added at a later date, if required. But so long as you have access to the mains and your horse isn’t worried about the lead (most aren’t) – it is much better value to get the mains clipper.

The Lister Liberty has a great reputation.  It takes all the usual Lister blades (including the Covercote, which leaves 5mm of hair – this type of blade is not available with other brands).  It does not blow air out of the clipper (which some horses find irritating).  It is light.  And it comes in a hold-all, which in my opinion is far easier than the plastic boxes (no need to spend time trying to coil the lead to make it fit back in the box and lots of space for your clipper oil and spare blades).

So, if you are looking for a reliable clipper, that can clip most horses, consider the Liberty Mains.  It is only £10 more than the Lister Star and is a little tougher and offers more power.

Lister Liberty Horse Clipper.  Only £235.00


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