The Best Electric Poultry Net

10 October 2022  |  Beth



The Best Poultry Electric Net


We have pet hens at home, and I am ashamed to say that the fox got all of our first hens.  We were devastated.  So I immediately set up an electric fence (as I should have done from the start, knowing that there are foxes in our area).  Being in the fencing industry, I carefully weighed up the best fencing options.  I decided the following were key considerations:

- Height:  the taller the net the better.  Foxes are excellent at jumping, and hens can also fly over the net if you don't keep their wings well clipped.  

- Gate:  I go in and out of my hen enclosure regularly - to check on the hens, clean them, give them food and water and, of course, collect the eggs.  While you can get by without a gate, it makes life much easier to have one!

- Size:  this one is trickier.  You obviously don't want a small enclosure, but at the same time, if you intend to move your enclosure around to get fresh foraging for your hens, you don't want an enormous net because it's harder to move about and set up correctly.  


With all of this in mind, I concluded that the best fence is the 21 metre deluxe extra tall poultry net.  It is just the right size for a small flock and is really easy to move about.  The extra height is its biggest selling point - it is 1.25 metres high (compared to a standard 105cm) and the extra 20cm gives more protection.  It has a built in gate (not one you have to 'add in') for extra strength.  It has double pronged posts to make the fence sturdy.  And it's a great price!  It only has 5 'live lines' but they are strategically placed especially for foxes and you don't need any more than the five strong lines to do the job - the 5 lines reduces 'earthing' but ensures a strong zap across the breadth of the fence.


Here's a link to the Extra Tall 21 metre net:


At only £99.99 it is a bargain and the net of choice to protect my hens!


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email  We are a family run business, with pet hens of our own, and we are happy to help.

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