Condor 4.0j 230 volt input

Condor 4.0j 230 volt input

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Hotline Condor 4.2J Mains Powered Fence Energiser

A dual output mains powered fence energiser for general use. The Condor has a 4.2 joule stored energy rating making it ideal for general purpose fencing use.
- Wall Mountable
- 240V Mains Powered. UK plug fitted.
- Stored Energy - 4.2 Joules
- Output Voltage (High) - 9.8kV
- Output@500ohms - 5.8kV
- Maximum Effective Fence Length - 30km
- Maximum Net Capacity - 12x Poultry/Rabbit, 25x Sheep/Goat
- Unit Size - 280mm x 240mm x 95mm
- Warranty. 3 Years.
- Connection Leads included:- Mains Connection Lead.

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