Farm CAM Starter Kit

Farm CAM Starter Kit

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Farm Cam Starter Kit

Safe and efficient farm management!

Applications include : General security (visible cameras will help deter casual theft) , Lambing, Calving, Foals.

The FarmCam solution offers you everything you need for an overview of up to 4 areas.
Complete package for easy monitoring of barn and calving, or for general farm supervision

The starter kit comes with : System with one camera


  • 1 Wireless video camera
  • 1 Touch screen LCD monitor
  • 1 5V outdoor power adapter for camera
  • 2 large antennas & bracket
  • 1 16m atenna cable for camera
  • 1 5V power adapter for monitor
  • 1 medium antenna & bracket for monitor
  • 1 9m antenna cable for monitor
  • 1 9m antenna cable for camera or monitor
  • 1 Ethernet cable for internet
  • Screws for mounting

Extra Cameras are available , They are easily paired to the system and then can be mounted where they are required.

Cameras :

Waterproof, Wireless , Wide angle view, Night vision ( up to 40m sq

We Say:

The Farm Cam system is very easy to use, and because they include high gain external arials the system can be set up to work over a long distance (up to 1250 meters) . Remember buildings and hills will reduce the range (line of site is the key)
The apple and android apps are useful but you do need a good 3g or wifi conection.

The base station has got a recorder built in to it (records to SD card), this combined with motion detection and email alert gives the funtionality most customers require.

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