Farmer AN15 Energiser - mains or 12 volt energiser - with load sensing circuitory

Farmer AN15 Energiser - mains or 12 volt energiser - with load sensing circuitory

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Part Number:  10896

Farmer AN 15 Dual Power Energiser
-Load Sensing Circuitry-

3yr Warranty
Dual Power
1 Joule output
Max Voltage 9000V
Voltage under load 4200v
Power consumption 30-90ma

Max Fence 8Km

This is a high quality medium power dual power energiser.  It can run from the mains, or from a 12 volt battery.  If you attach it to the mains, you can leave the attachment to your 12 volt battery, to act as a back-up should you suffer a power cut.  Please note, it does not come with the mains adapter as standard.

A big advantage of these higher-end energisers is the LED display - this gives a clear reference to the quality and effectiveness of the electric fence.

High line voltages make this unit particularly effective for well insulated and problem animals ( sheep , poultry )

-Load Sensing Circuitry-

The patented load sensing circuit automaticly adjusts to give the appropriate power to the fence. The load sensor responds to the level of vegitation or leakage there is on the fence.  This system means that only the required power is used, both ensuring fence security whilst reducing power consumption to give maximum battery life.

Comes with battery and fence connection cables
Does NOT come as standard with an earth stake or mains adapter.


AN15 energiser only

AN15 Energiser + 240v UK adapter

Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Solar panel to charge your battery.  No more lugging heavy batteries in to recharge!

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