Farmer N15 Energiser - up to 4.5km - LED performance display

Farmer N15 Energiser - up to 4.5km - LED performance display

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Farmer N15 240v Electric Fencing Energiser

This is a medium power energiser that has been designed with the quality and features of the larger and more expensive units but in a smaller and less powerful package.

The 1 joule output and high 500 ohm voltage will ensure predators are kept at bay.

Ideal for poultry nets, pig fencing and longer horse fences.

Built in LED display gives a good indication of how the fence is performing

* 1.6 Joule Input
* 1 Joule Output
* Maximum Voltage 9,500v
* Voltage at 500 ohm 4,500v
* Up to 4.50 km under good fencing conditions
* Up to 1.2 km under poor fencing conditions
* 4 watt power consumption

Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • Lead out wire to connect your energiser to the fence and to the earth stake
  • Fence tester - for any trouble shooting

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