Gallagher HR4 EID Tag Smart Reader and Data Collector for Livestock

Gallagher HR4 EID Tag Smart Reader and Data Collector for Livestock

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HR4 Handheld EID Tag Reader and Data Collector - Data Collector on a Stick!

SKU: 068944
The HR4 is an update on the HR3 Smart Reader.  The HR4 is able to read EID tags, store, update and display animal data. The farmer can read and up date the animal data while he is out and about, enabling him or her to make important decisions on the spot.  You can sort animals based on the data you have at hand, and spend more time with your livestock and less time doing paperwork.   The large, clear back-lit colour LCD screen makes it easy to read the data, even in bright sunlight!


The HR4 is able to read ear tags easily and continuously; it can even read several ear tags at the same time. Furthermore, the HR4 is able to store various animal traits, such as sex, breed, condition and more. You can create a pre-selection on the basis of weight, condition and more to sort the animals in that way.
Easy to connect to a PC with cables, bluetooth or wifi.
Animal Performance Software (APS) included.
  • Half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B) ISO compliant
  • Market leading ergonomic design
  • Internal memory for over 100,000 tags for later download to computer
  • A single vibration is felt in the handle with every successful EID tag read
  • Compatible with Gallagher SmartScale

2 Year Warranty

Charge in the car, with a 12 volt battery or from a mans outlet - cables and chargers all provided.


The HR4 is a major shift in hand held readers by enabling data to be collected and handled in a way that is time efficient. You can make onsite stock decisions in the yard, spending more time with your livestock and less time pushing paper.


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