Gallagher Livestock TW-3 Weigh Scale and Data Collector

Gallagher Livestock TW-3 Weigh Scale and Data Collector

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Gallagher's TW-3 Weigh Scale and Data Collector


The TW-3 is a powerful weight scale, able to record weighing data and animal statistics. It makes the device suitable for users who are looking for more than just the weight.
The scales enable the user to record up to 3 animal traits (sex, breed, etc.) , activities or life data per session.

Sort your animals on the basis of weight, animal traits or activities.
The on-board instructions mean you can access help anywhere and anytime. 
The robust design makes it farm-proof, resistant to dents, scratches and extreme weather conditions.

Supplied with a convenient Gallagher carry bag, fitting bracket, charging cable and USB and APS software.


2 year warranty

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