Gallagher S10 Solar Energiser - for fences up to 1km - 7 year guarantee

Gallagher S10 Solar Energiser - for fences up to 1km - 7 year guarantee

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Gallagher S10 Solar Energiser - with 7 year warranty if registered online with Gallagher

This solar energiser is great for short fences of up to 1km.  Like all solar energisers, it is very quick and easy to install.  Place the energiser facing due south, in a sunny spot and it should power your fence throughout the year.  In the darkest winter months, you may need to give it a few boosts from the mains.

This energiser is very tough and made to be out in fields in all elements.  It weighs 2kg, has built in lightning protection and has a 2 year warranty, which can be extended for free to 7 years if you register the energiser on the Gallagher website.

The S10 is the latest solar energizer suitable for the hobby market and short fences <1 km>. The energizer is quick and easy to istall an will work for up to 3 weeks without sun and is capable to power trough the harshest winsters. The S10 is super tough making it drop resistant and waterproof. The Energizer comes complete with a rechargeable battery and solar panel. 
This is a 6 volt energiser. 
Great for horses and the hobby market.
Output Voltage (V) 7000
Voltage with 500 Ohm (V) 1600
Length according to EU standards (km) 3
Advice Fence without growth (km) 1
Advice Fence with light growth (km) 0,5
Considerable growth (km) (advised) 0,3
Grid Area (ha) (advised) 0,5
Stored energy (J) 0,1
Output energy (J) 0,08
Battery LED Yes
Recommended number of earth stakes 1x1m
Power on/off Yes
Night Save Option Yes
Vegetation No
  1. Horse
  2. Goat
  3. Sheep

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