Genius Electric Fence Rug - for cheeky horses - SALE!

Genius Electric Fence Rug - for cheeky horses - SALE!

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Genius Electric Fencing Rug
From Guardian




The Genius electric fence rug is made with 'smart' fabrics in the chest that instantly pick up the pulse from the fence and transfer it through to the inside of the rug; this means the horse will respect the fence exactly as they would if not wearing a rug at all and prevent the horse from escaping from their electric fence paddock.

The Genius Rug is designed for use in the summer as a 0g lightweight rug, or it can be used over the top of a normal rug during the winter to transform a normal rug into an electric fence rug.

The specification includes a 1200d polyester outer, quick snap adjustable chest closure, cross stomach surcingle's, shaped tail flap, taped seams and fillet strap.


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