Happy 9v Turquoise Energiser - easy to carry - up to 2km

Happy 9v Turquoise Energiser - easy to carry - up to 2km

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Happy 9v Turquoise Electric fencing energiser
Electric Fencing Energiser

If purple is your colour then this is the electric fence energiser for you.

Designed for use with horses.

Simple controls and very easy to use. The battery is held inside the energiser and the whole unit can sit on its own earth stake so it is self contained and easy to use.

The Happy 9v Turquoise will power between 1 km-2 km depending on the condition of the fence.

Add a 55aH battery that will run the fencer for up to 3 months continuously or a 150aH battery that can power the energiser for up to 9 months .

Because this unit is so light and compact with the battery inside it is ideal for taking to overnight shows where a quick temporary fence is required.

2 year warranty

Comes complete with earth stake, lead out wires and instructions.

Please note 9v batteries are not rechargeable.


We Say:
The big advantage of this energiser  is the battery is fairly light and lives inside the bottom of the energiser. There is no need to carry  heavy 12v batteries across a muddy fields for them to be recharged.  A paddlock can be used on the handle to secure the energiser to a fence, making it harder for thieves.

The Happy 9v energisers use the same intenal components as the equistop range so you can have a bit of fun knowing you have got German reliabilty 

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