Electric Fence Kit for Herons - protect your fish

Electric Fence Kit for Herons - protect your fish

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Heron Elecrtic Fence Kit - deter herons and protect your fish!
The Gallagher heron kit creates an ideal basic electric fence to protect your pond. 

The fence is safe for animals and humans and very effective at preventing herons from taking fish from ponds. The wire used in the kit is black so the fence is unobtrusive and blends into the environment.

A two wire, 50 meter fence can be erected with this basic kit. The fence can be easily extended with additional wire, posts and fitting clips.

The basic kit includes: 

- fence energizer (M10) with wall clip and earth rod.  This energiser runs from the Mains.
- 10 boundary posts
- 20 fitting clips
- 100 metre black plastic wire 
- connection wire.
The energiser comes with a 2 year guarantee.  This can be upgraded to a 7 year FREE guarantee if your register the energiser online with Gallagher.

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