HoriSMART A80 - Smart Circuitry for extra safety - up to 17km - 5 year warranty

HoriSMART A80 - Smart Circuitry for extra safety - up to 17km - 5 year warranty

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HoriSMART A80 12v Energiser
5 Year Warranty - MADE IN GERMANY
The HoriSMART  energisers are the top of the range energisers made by Horizont. They offer a selection of units with different output powers but all have the SMART circuitry built in that make them some of the safest energisers made.

In normal use when fence conditions are good, the energiser gives an optimal pulse (power depends on the output of the model).

Once a shock is delivered the energiser performs an analysis and detects if a living creature (animal or human) has made contact with the fence or if it was vegetation.

Living creature: After the first shock the energiser makes an analysis and if it has detected a living creature it will then alter its output to a reduced power level until the creature is clear of the fence line. Once the energiser has detected the creature is clear the power level will return to its optimal level. In the event of an animal or human becoming entangled in the fence the power level will remain reduced for however long it takes for the situation to be resolved.

Vegetation: After the first shock the energiser makes an analysis and if it detects that vegetation is in contact with the fence the energiser will steadily increase it out put power to burn off any light vegetation that is in contact with the fence line.

In the unlikely event of an animal or person getting tangled in the fence they will not be continually hit with very high power pulses from the energiser. They will be encouraged to leave the fence by low power pulses.

Additionally the Horismart energisers have a LED display that allows you to monitor your fences performance.
*Out put power
*Boosted vegetation mode
*Make and earthing assessment to ensure the energiser is adequately earthed.
*Low voltage alarm
If the fence has a major problem (broken fence wire etc) and the fence voltage is too low it will sound and audible alarm.

* 5.8 Joule Input
* 3.7 Joule Output
* Maximum Voltage 9,500v
* Voltage at 500 ohm 5000v
* Up to 17Km under good fencing conditions
* Up to 8 Km under poor fencing conditions
* 400 ma power consumption
* Min 2 x 1 meter earth stake

Battery advise: The manufacturer sates that a 100Ah battery will run this unit for  10.4 days approx
Solar: The HoriSMART A80 requires a minimum of a 20w panel

Consider adding:

  • 1 m earth stake.  An earth stake is essential!
  • 12 Volt leisure battery.  12 volt car batteries are not recommended.
  • Fence tester - to trouble shoot

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