HoriSMART N160 - up to 45km - professional range

HoriSMART N160 - up to 45km - professional range

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horiSMART N160

Clever High Power Electric Fencing Energiser

  • horiSMART technology
  • 12 Joules Input Power
  • Fence up to 45 Km
  • Wide Impedance output
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Power consumption 20w

The horiSMART range of electric fencing energisers combine exceptionally high power with high levels of safety. Suitable for very long fences and containing tough insensative animals.

Smart Function:

This range of energisers can detect what type of contact has been made with the fence based upon the level of resistance ( measured in ohms ).
This means that the energiser can give the correct response to keep the fence secure whilst not endangering livestock or people .
If the energiser detects foliage touching it will dramatically increase it out put power to assist in burning them back to keep the fence clear and running efficiently.

The sequence is as follows
Contact is made and a strong shock delivered ( at this point 99.99% of livestock or people will be moving away and not touching the fence again )
Power is lowered for 55 seconds for the energiser to perform its assessment
Assessment :
Livestock ( human ) is detected  , power remains low so as not to harm the trapped animal but to encourage them to move on. The power will remain low until the energiser detects the animal is not in contact with the fence, at this point the energiser will return the fence power to its normal operating level. In the event that this condition remains for over 10 minutes the energiser will sound and internal alarm and trigger an alert condition visible on the energiser.
Non live stock , foliage detected - power is pushed up to maximum to destroy any foliage in contact with the fence , Once this contact is not detected any more the energiser will adjust the power to a normal operating level.

High Power - Wide Impedance

Input 12 Joules - Output ( maximum ) 8 Joules

Maximum voltage 12,000v  Voltage at 500ohm 4400v

Fence up to 45 Km undr good conditions or 14Km under heavy load.

True wide-impedance output curve. Wide-impedance units perform better over a wider range of fence conditions and conductors than standard low-impedance units. Areas where wide-impedance units excel are: high resistance conductors (stainless steel polywire/hot tape/electrified netting); minimal ground rods; livestock or wildlife with dry skin or hair (poultry, deer, goats); and very dry soils.

We have found this range of energiser to be of particular use where the public are able to come in contact with long lengths of electric fence or where persons with special needs may be exposed to an electric fence with minimal supervision. The added safety features of this fence are a benefit in locations where detailed risk assessments are required.

This energiser is easy to set up and requires no extra "parts" than any other electric fence . If you require more information about its functionality please do not hesitate to contact us

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