Horizont HoriMaster 9 Volt Energiser - On Sale

Horizont HoriMaster 9 Volt Energiser - On Sale

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Horizont Horimaster 9 Volt Energiser - with FREE earth stake - for fences up to 5km - perfect for horses


This energiser is a real bargain - made as a special offer to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the popular Horizont brand.  Supply is limited, so grab one while you can - this power of energiser is usually significantly more expensive!  This is essentially the same energiser as the more expensive Trapper B12 - just with a different case!


Most people run this energiser with a 9 volt battery (not included), that sits inside the unit.  You can run it with a 12 volt battery too.  A 55Ah battery will run the energiser for about 3 months and a 150Ah battery will run it for about 9 months.  It has a light that flashes to let you know it is working and to warn you when the battery is running low.  It can power fences of up to 5km and is great for horses, strip grazing, taking to events and temporary fences.  

Technical Specs:

Stored energy: 01.8 Joules

Voltage: 9 volt or 12 volt

Power consumption:  12mA (12V)

Max. output: 0.12 Joule

Max. voltage: 8,500 V

Max fence length with no load: 3km

Max fence length with heavy load: 0.3km


  • Original Horizont battery operated energizer, 0,18 J input, 0,12 J max.
  • In special " retro design", just for fun to celebrate 75th anniversary of the popular Horizont brand
  • For fences up to 5 km
  • 2 years warranty
  • The device can be operated with a rechargeable 12 V battery or a 9 V battery
  • FREE earth post


We say:  this is by far the best value 9 volt energiser on the market.  Grab it while you can!

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