Hot Shock N500 - VERY HIGH POWER - great for sheep and predators

Hot Shock N500 - VERY HIGH POWER - great for sheep and predators

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This mains fencer is designed to contain well insulated animals as well as provide excellent predator control. It also burns weeds, for those struggling to keep vegetation low.

This is a powerful energiser, not for the faint of heart, but it does not compromise on safety.

The HotShock range, made in Germany, is designed to be particularly effective against the insulating qualities of deer hair and sheep's wool. Sheep can be contained even when they are in full fleece. Foxes and mink can be kept away from poultry and lambs (subject to correct use of fencing). Even badgers and wild boar will get a good shock from this energiser.

This is achieved by a higher than normal voltage output and narrow pulse width that can "jump" through insulating layers. Additionally the high voltage can burn off weeds when touching the live line thus keeping it clear.

The HotShock N500 has  3 terminals: one for the earth stake, one fence terminal for normal fences and one additional terminal for a small additional fence or a paddock. Power at the second fence terminal is always limited to an un-dangerous 0.5 Joules or less for where children may be playing.

* 6 Joule Input
* 5 Joule Output
* Maximum Voltage 9,000v
* Voltage at 500 ohm 6,400v
* Up to 25Km under good fencing conditions
* Up to 10 Km under poor fencing conditions
* 9 watt power consumption

The HotShock N500 is surprisingly cheap to run, with a power consumption of 9 watts which is much less than a standard 40 Watt light bulb.  The energiser has a light display which constantly monitors and tells you how your energiser is performing.  The unit is made in Germany and comes with a 3 year warranty. 


We Say:  We LOVE this energiser. It gives such a good output for it's price point, and the light indicator on the front is very handy.  If you have animals that are hard to shock, seriously consider this energiser!


Please note, this energiser needs a 1m earth stake.  You will also need lead out wire to run from your Mains to the start of your fence.


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