Hotline Phoenix HLM 700 Energiser -  Mains energiser with battery back up

Hotline Phoenix HLM 700 Energiser - Mains energiser with battery back up

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Hotline Phoenix HLM 700 Mains Electric Fencing Energiser.

The Phoenix Energiser is made here in the UK, by Hotline.  It is a sophisticated and powerful 7 joule energiser,  run from the mains, with a 12 volt battery back up.  The Phoenix is ideal for anyone who simply must have an electric fence that always works.  It has an advanced LCD screen that allows you to easily monitor the performance of your fence.  It displays output joules, return volts, earth leakage volts and stored energy.  You can even set alarms to be triggered if any of the readings go outside of your desired range.

A 12v battery back up facility is fitted as standard. The energiser has two extra terminals which facilitate the fence testing capabilities - the energiser has the normal earth (black) and live (red) terminals and a further green terminal which connects an independent line that runs to the earth stake.  The blue terminal is connected to the end of the fence (the fence mustn't be connected back to itself) and can therefore inform if there is a break on the fence.

You can also choose to add a couple of optional extras, for even more peace of mind.  You can upgrade to the Hotline Command and Communicate mobile phone system, which allows remote access and fence status information to be sent to you via SMS.  And you can add a 110 decimal external siren and strobe, to go off should fence levels drop outside the desired range.

The HLM 700 has the following features:


This energiser can power max 50km or wire or polywire or 30 sheep nets or 25 poultry nets (under ideal conditions). 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

  • High earth voltage.

  • Low fence voltage.

  • Low return voltage.

  • Power up to 50km.

  • 7.0 Stored Joules.

  • 110/240v Mains input.

  • Drop down terminal cover.

  • Quick glance LED fence indicator.

  • 4 alarm conditions.

  • Internal sounder.

  • Battery Back up facility.

  • External alarm/strobe port.


Hotline Command & Communicate:   This module can be installed in all Phoenix energisers.  With the addition of a standard SIM card, the unique internally installed GSM unit relays alarm information via text allowing you to respond instantly to alarm conditions and potential problems.  The system is also invaluable for on the spot maintenance as the fence can be switched on and off from any location to allow work to proceed in safety - meaning it is not necessary to walk back to where ever the energiser is situated.  The system will also relay up-to-date status reports to your mobile when requested.  


We Say:  This is a sophisticated and powerful energiser, ideal for equestrian yards and general farm use.  For those who must have a reliable fence they can easily monitor, this is the energiser for you!  The battery back up and SMS alert option means you can always be confident your fence is working.


Phoenix 700 by itself:  £335

Phoenix 700 with Strobe and Siren:  £393

Phoenix 700 with Command and Control Unit:  £629


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