Laser 2 Horse Clipper and Sierra Cordless Trimmer Bundle Deal

Laser 2 Horse Clipper and Sierra Cordless Trimmer Bundle Deal

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Laser 2 Heavy Duty Horse Clipper and Sierra Cordless professional Horse Trimmer Bundle Deal


Lister Laser 2

The Lister Laser 2 horse clipper is our most popular heavy duty horse clipper, ideal for those with strong hands, busy yards, very hairy animals, professional horse clippers and those looking for long lasting, tough clippers!   While it is slightly larger than lighter duty clippers like the Star, and weighs 1200 g (including blades) it is a surprisingly smooth clipper that easily cuts through even the hairiest horse or cattle!  The Laser 2 has a 180 watt motor.  It comes with an A2F blade as standard, but if you would like to switch blades, please call and we will be happy to help.  If used for cattle, we can offer a CA2 blade in place of the A2F.  Please always buy the Lister blades with the metal yokes to use on the Laser 2


The Laser 2 also has a sheep shear head that can be added, for ultimate flexibility.


Lister is made in the UK and known worldwide for their quality. Lister has the Royal Warrant.


Specifications :
Weight 1200g (inc blades)
Length 290mm
Grip Diameter 74mm
Blade Speed 2500 rpm
Voltage 240v
Wattage 180W

Manual and Technical Diagrams (as PDF files)
 Lister Laser 2 

We say :
Whilst we were not aware of any issues with the old Laser, a little more power and less vibration is always welcome. The clipper itself is the same size and weight.
But if you have small hands this machine will possibly feel large and awkward after a while - look at the Lister Legend as an alternative.

Sierra Cordless Professional Horse Trimmer

The Sierra Cordless Professional Horse Trimmer is light and very comfortable to hold, a truly useful addition to anyone's grooming equipment. Both the shape and size of the Sierra ensures it can reach into ears, jaw lines and fetlock areas, everywhere that your horse clippers won't. The adjustable blade allows you to switch effortlessly between cut lengths. The Sierra will trim the coats to lengths as short as 0.8mm and leave the coat as long as 2mm. Perfect for blending clip lines particularly on the head and on the legs below the knee. The variable cut length will ensure that you can trim areas to the same coat length as achieved by your horse clippers too, leaving a clean professional finish.
As you would expect from a trimmer, the Sierra is quiet with low vibration.

Our horses were happy to have sensitive areas such as whiskers and ears trimmed. The Sierra is a trimmer in every sense of the word, so we were pleased to find they were capable of trimming bridle paths and tufty feathers on the backs of fetlock joints.

Complete with two batteries each with a clip time of approximately 90 minutes, you will have plenty of time to achieve the professional clip results you're looking for.

Recharge time is about 6 hours.

The Sierra comes with :
Two batteries
Mains Charger
Guide Combs



We Say:  Best value trimmer on the market!  It comes with everything you need and is reliable, comfortable to use and does a great job.  10/10

Replacement blades can found Sierra Trimmer Blades








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