Led Wand Light

Led Wand Light

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12 Volt LED Wand Lite

No power at your stable ?
Shed , Wood Store , Tack Room with no light ?

The Led light wand runs from a 12v ( car , Lesuire ) battery and provides a 360 deg illumination.

This well thought out light system clips directly on to a 12v battery and can run for up to 75 hours from a 75 ah battery .
The cable is approximately 14ft long with a inline switch approx. 3ft from the battery clips. Leaving plenty of cable to allow the light to be screwed to the ceiling / roof beam.
The wand lite is water resistant and generates very little heat. The plastic tube it self is exceptional strong so the wand lite can be used in the toughest environment.
comes with 2x hanging loop and also a 2x  ceiling / wall  mounts.

TIP : If this is your main source of light fit a solar panel to your 12v battery so it does not have to be recharged so often .

Length - 800mm
Low Consumption LED technology
Patented LED Spiral gives 360 deg. Light.
Operates from any 12V battery (battery not supplied)
5m Battery Lead
Up to 75hours light from a 75Ah battery
Install in 5 minutes or less
Fully portable and water resistant

With the lamp on


Same Camera same position but with the light OFF         

Clip mounts these can be screwed in to position on the wall etc

Simple hanging loops

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