Lighting Arrester Kit - Safety Device for Mains Energisers

Lighting Arrester Kit - Safety Device for Mains Energisers

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Electric Fencing Lighting Arrestor Kit - for large fences


A Lightning Arrestor kit is, in our opinion, a necessary safety instrument for all mains electric fencing energisers.

Your energiser is connected to potentially thousands of meters of electric fencing strung out over fields.

If this electric fencing (tape, wire or rope) is struck by, or is close to lighting it will feed back up the fence lines and at best ruin your energiser, at worst set fire to it!

The Lighting Arrestor diverts the large power surge to earth, thus protecting the energiser and the building it is located in.

An additional benefit is that the cut out switch can be used to turn your fence installation on and off.


Please place the Lightning Arrestor close to the start of your fence, for maximum protection.


Article about lightning and electric fences



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