Lister Liberty and Libretto 'Classic' Battery Pack for pre Nov 2018 models

Lister Liberty and Libretto 'Classic' Battery Pack for pre Nov 2018 models

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UPDATE:  Lister has discontinued this version of the battery.  All Liberty and Libretto clippers can take the new Lister Lithium battery, which comes with an adapter for the older model of clippers. The new battery uses more modern technology, is more reliable, gives slightly more power to the clipper and recharges in only 4 hours.  It also has an LED light to indicate how much power is left in your battery and features to protect the longevity of your battery.

New Lithium Battery



This is the Old Lister Classic battery pack / power pack only. 

It will fit the Liberty Classic, Libretto Max Classic and the Showman clipper (all pre Nov 2018 models).

Please note: this does NOT come with a charger or belt.

Please charge this battery for at least 14 hours before first full use.  Then let the battery fully discharge and fully recharge 3 times to allow for maximum battery life capacity.  Keep the battery in a dry place, with a constant temperature (batteries do not like getting very hot, or very cold!).


If you have a clipper bought after Nov 2018 you will probably need the Lister Lithium battery.  Please carefully check the images to ensure you are ordering the right battery.

If you have an older Liberty or Libretto model, you can still get the NEW Lithium battery.  It comes with a converter, but please ensure you also get a new Lithium battery charger.

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