Lister Liberty Classic CORDLESS Clipper and Libretto Max Clipper DELUXE Pack Deal with FREE Pico trimmer, Bag and Clipper Suit

Lister Liberty Classic CORDLESS Clipper and Libretto Max Clipper DELUXE Pack Deal with FREE Pico trimmer, Bag and Clipper Suit

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Brand:  Lister



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Liberty Classic + Libretto Max Classic + Pico = Ultimate Clipping Combination  

With FREE Lister hold-all, FREE clipper suit and FREE Pico trimmer



Please note: this is the Classic and older version of the Liberty.  The NEW version, launched in Oct 2018, is called the Liberty Lithium and has a new and improved battery.  Please be aware that there are 2 types of Liberty in the market place at the moment!

 Comes with  :

1 x Lister Liberty Classic Popular Pack

Clipper, Classic Battery, Charger, A2F Blade, Oil and Brush 

If you would like to switch the blade, please call and we will be happy to do so at no charge.  

1 x Libretto MAX Classic Clipper
1x No.10 (narrow) Blade

All in one hard case. 

PLUS 1 x Clipper Suit - an overall to go over your clothes so you can leave the muck at the yard!

PLUS 1 x Pico trimmer - for a quick tidy up around the face and whiskers

PLUS 1 x Lister hold-all - a fantastic quality bag to hold all your clipping gear

This is a substantial saving on the separate cost of a Liberty Popular and a Libretto MAX Solo, with loads of extras thrown in too!  We have limited supplies and this offer will not last long!


If you are looking for both a full size clipper to do any job on the hairiest horse and a top quality trimmer, this is the package for you.
The Liberty is a fantastic clipper that can handle most types of hair and is extremely comfortable to use.  This clipper comes with a rechargeable battery, but you can also purchase a mains adaptor to run it from the mains, if desired.  The Libretto Max trimmer is great for smaller areas but is very powerful for a trimmer and is capable of a full body clip on light coated horses - it is a lot more than a standard trimmer.  The Libretto is also a good option for trimming dogs.  The Libretto runs from the same battery as the Liberty.  The Pico trimmer is ideal for very quick tidy ups.

Additionally a mains adapter can be purchased to run both the Liberty and the Libretto directly from the mains (sold separately for £55).

More Details About the Liberty Horse Clipper

* Slim light weight handle
* Powerful and tough clipper that can cope with the needs of the most demanding user
* Safe 12 volt operation for peace of mind
* Simple easy to set up and use

Weight: Clipper (Excluding Cable) with blades attached 0.8 kg
Power pack Weight (Excluding Belt) 0.8 kg

With 3 possible power sources this clipper has maximum flexibility.

Power Pack: Uses new technology Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Power pack. No memory effect when charging can be topped up with charge or fully discharged.
Battery will give up to 3 hours clipping.
Recharge time from empty 13 hours.

This clipper is a significant step up from the Star, but not quite as powerful as the Legend or the Laser 2.  With this said, the Liberty is still a powerful clipper that can handle all horse hair.  It is comfortable to hold and takes all the standard Lister blades, including the popular Covercote blade which is not available with any other brand (leaves 5mm of hair).  

Please click on the link below to down load the Instructions
Technical Diagram (as PDF files)

Lister Liberty Clipper Booklet

Lister Libretto Max Booklet


Lister clippers and trimmers are made here in the UK and hold the Royal Warrant.  They are known for their excellent quality.

We Say :
The ultimate combination for battery powered clipping. Clever design means the same battery is used for both clippers.
The Libretto is a true super trimmer, you can even clip your dog with it.  This is the perfect clipping combination from a world class brand, with the Royal Warrant.  The deal can't be beaten by anyone!

Video showing how to set up your Lister clipper

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