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Lister Liberty Classic Mains Horse Clipper and Cattle Clipper - can also do sheep

Lister Liberty Classic Mains Horse Clipper and Cattle Clipper - can also do sheep

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Lister Liberty Classic Mains Horse Clipper

(with Classic cord fitting of the older Liberty model)


  • Slim light weight handle
  • Powerful and tough clipper that can cope with the need of the most demanding user
  • Safe 12 volt operation for peace of mind
  • Simple easy to set up and use
  • Classic cord fitting


The Liberty clipper set the bench mark for cordless clipping.  Favoured by so many for its capabilities, the easy to hold ergonomically designed handle has made it a firm favourite with women and teenagers. This ever popular model is now available as a mains clipper and is fantastic value.  

 Same Liberty clipper - safe just 12 volts - cool running

Low maintenance - because the Liberty is only running at 12 volts it does not have a breathing vent. This means that virtually no hair, fluff and muck can get in and start to cause the clipper to run hot or even fail.

The Liberty Mains Classic Clipper is supplied only with a mains power pack, it does not come with a battery. Please see the Liberty popular if you'd like a cordless clipper.
 Future proof:  if you find you need to go cordless in the future the battery is available separately . The Liberty can even run from a 12v battery with a 12v adapter lead.

The Liberty takes all Lister horse clipper blades, ensuring that will leave you the clean professional looking clip that you would expect from a Lister Clipper.  This includes the popular Lister Covercote blade, which leaves 5mm of hair - Lister is the only brand to offer this type of blade. You can also add the 'Wizard' balde, should you have a couple of sheep to shear.

Special Offer
We have negotiated with Lister, and we are pleased to offer you the Liberty Mains in the specially designed clipper bag. This is a lot more practical in use. It has lots of pockets to store blades and brushes and plenty of room to put your clipper in rather than wrestling it back into the case after each use!

Comes with :

Liberty Clipper with A2F blade.
Liberty Mains Adapter
60ml clipper oil, brush, instructions.
Lister Clipper Bag.

Specifications :

Weight 800g (inc Blades)
Length 215mm
Grip Diameter
Blade Speed 2500rpm
Voltage 12v
Working Current 1.8A
Rated Current 4A (max)

Technical Diagram ( as PDF files )
 Liberty Clipper

Please click on the link below to down load the Instructions
Lister Liberty Instructions
We Say :
The Liberty is nice to hold, short and light. Plenty of power and at only 12 volts very safe. The future proofing that this clipper brings (you can add on a battery) is great insurance for changes in requirements or circumstance.  It is also great value for money.  One of our favourites!

Video on how to set up your Lister clipper

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