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Lister Liberty Horse Classic Clipper & Cattle Clipper CORDLESS Clipper + FREE 2nd set of Blades + FREE hold-all + FREE Pico Trimmer + FREE Clipper Suit + FREE oil

Lister Liberty Horse Classic Clipper & Cattle Clipper CORDLESS Clipper + FREE 2nd set of Blades + FREE hold-all + FREE Pico Trimmer + FREE Clipper Suit + FREE oil

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Lister Liberty Classic Cordless Clipper

(also known as the 'Popular Pack')

with FREE 2nd set of blades + FREE Lister hold-all bag +
FREE Pico trimmer + FREE 250ml oil + FREE Clipper Suit

(Usually worth £380)


Please note: this is the Classic and older version of the Liberty.  The NEW version, launched in Oct 2018, is called the Liberty Lithium and has a new and improved battery.  Please be aware that there are 2 types of Liberty in the market place at the moment!


This clipper is a step up from the Star, but not quite as powerful as the Legend.  With this said, the Liberty is a powerful clipper that can handle all horse hair.  The Liberty is quiet, with low vibrations.  It is very easy to tension.  It is comfortable to hold and takes all the standard Lister blades, including the popular Covercote blade that leaves 5mm of hair and is unique to Lister.  You can also get this clipper with the Lister Libretto Trimmer (see Liberty Deluxe Pack) and as a mains only clipper.

* Slim light weight handle (grip point has a 16 cm circumference)

* Powerful and tough clipper that can cope with the needs of the most demanding user

* Safe 12 volt operation for peace of mind
* Simple easy to set up and use

Weight: Clipper (Excluding Cable) with blades attached 0.8 kg
Power pack Weight (Excluding Belt) 0.8 kg

With 3 possible power sources this clipper has maximum flexibility.

Power Pack : Uses Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Power pack. No memory effect when charging can be topped up with charge or fully discharged.
Battery will give up to 3 hours clipping.
Recharge time from empty 13 hours.


1 x Lister Liberty Clipper (with 60ml oil, grease sachet, screwdriver and brush)

A2F Fine blades - we are happy to switch these to the A2 Medium blades or Coarse blades, if desired, at no extra cost.  or to the popular Covercote blade for an extra £13.00.

FREE second set of blades.  These will be A2F blades as standard, but we can switch to A2 or Coarse blades if requested.

FREE Lister Pico pocket trimmer (ideal for a quick tidy of whiskers and around the ears and a good tool for training nervous horses)

FREE Lister Hold-all, so you can hold all your gear in a strong bag with lots of pockets (no more coiling the lead to try to get it back in the box)

FREE Clipper Suit - leave the mess at the yard!  Great for allergy sufferers

FREE 250ml Lister Clipping Oil


The Lister Liberty is a very flexible clipper, that also has options to run it from the Mains and from a 12 volt battery.  There is also an option to buy a Deluxe Pack, that comes with the Lister Libretto Clipper.  Please see the other Lister Liberty options, before making up your mind!  Of course, you can always add on a mains adapter or vehicle leads at a later date, as required.

Specifications :

Weight 800g (inc Blades)
Length 215 mm
Grip Diameter 16 cm
Blade Speed 2500rpm
Voltage 12v
Working Current 1.8A
Rated Current 4A (max)

Please click on the link below to down load the Instructions
Lister Liberty Instructions


Please note:

If you'd like to switch blades, we are happy to do so.  The A2 and Coarse blades can be switched at no extra charge.  If you'd like to switch to the Covercote, it will be an extra £13 because this is a more expensive blade.  It may also take an extra day to process the order.  Please call 01323 406212 or email sales@FarmCareUK.com once you have placed your order.

If you select the 'Extra blade' option, you get 3 blades in total! These will all be A2F blades, unless you request Medium or Coarse blades.

If you select the 'Covercote' option, you get 1 Covercote blade and 1 A2F blade (unless you request a Coarse or Medium blade)

All options come with a FREE hold-all, FREE 250ml oil, FREE Pico trimmer and FREE Clipper Suit.


More Information on your FREE Lister Pico Trimmer

The Lister Pico is a small pocket trimmer with blade set. Great for quick small jobs - a bit like the pocket knife of the clipping and trimming world, it fits in the palm of your hand!

The Pico is deal for small jobs like the whiskers etc. It has low vibration levels, and is a great and inexpensive way of introducing horses and children to clipping. A great small birthday present or stocking stuffer!


- Battery operated compact trimmer, with low vibration levels.

- Small and easy to hold.

- One AA alkaline battery

- Cleaning brush, trimmer oil, 2 attachment guide combs, blade guard and instructions

We Say :
Until now cordless machines have either struggled to produce enough power or have been too large for easy comfortable use. The Lister Liberty gets over both of these problems and is probably the best medium duty cordless clipper on the market today. This is one of our favourite clippers and should definitely be considered by anybody looking for a reliable clipper that can handle any horse, no matter how hairy.  The deal is unbelievable and only while stock lasts.

Video showing how to set up your Lister clipper

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