Liveryman Element Plus Trimmer - cordless and rechargeable

Liveryman Element Plus Trimmer - cordless and rechargeable

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Price:  £99.99 (£83.33 Exc. VAT)
Part Number:  142244Brand:  Liveryman



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NEW Liveryman Element Plus Horse and Pet Trimmer


New for 2019, this is an update on the much loved Liveryman Element Trimmer.  This rechargeable cordless trimmer is very easy to use, quiet and comfortable to hold.  It has a stronger 12v motor when compared to the original Element trimmer.  The battery is lithium polymer also giving it a little more power. In addition to improved performance, the trimmer sports a new stylish cover.


This clipper is great for nervous horses and heavy duty trimming.  It uses disposable Liveryman Element blades.



- Element Plus Trimmer and blade

- Recharging unit and battery

- Hard case

- Small oil

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